EM Connolly

EM Connolly Audiobook Narrator
Young adult female, fresh self-taught, general US accent, special interest in Romance

I work from my home studio in San Diego, California as a Narrator and Audio Engineer. I grew up in Michigan and went to school in upstate New York, my job brought me out to sunny California and I could not be happier. I also enjoy hosting trivia around San Diego, listening to audiobooks (in 2022 I listened to over 768 hours worth of audio books), browsing book-tok (iykyk), and attempting to keep house plants alive in my spare time.

EROTICA/Steamy Romance - An excerpt from "The 2021 Queer Erotica Anthology: A collection of LGBT+ erotica short stories". Please note if you do not want to listen to Erotica, then this sample is not for you
Romance (Military) - Female of 2 POV book - Excerpt from "The Art of Love" from the series Boys of Bragg.
Romance - An excerpt from, "Whiskey Ryder's Second Chance (Cowboys of Second Chances Security Book 1)" by Rhonda Lee Carver. High school sweethearts who had a bad break-up meet for the first time in a bar after 13 years when he cuts in to dance. His POV


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