Elizabeth Wiley

Elizabeth Wiley Audiobook Narrator
Warm, Whimsical, Wise - Gen'l Amer with facility for dialects

Elizabeth Wiley is a multiple award-winning narrator with a decade of experience in a wide range of audiobook genres; favorites include Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction, and Biography/Memoir. Publishers and authors often seek her out for her agility with dialects, rich character work, and facility with complex language. But more than anything, she has a well-honed talent for communicating the author's intent with authenticity. Consummate in her field, Elizabeth is a Professor Emerita of the College of William & Mary where she taught Acting, Voice & Speech, Dialects, Physical Theatre and Shakespeare Performance.

Minnesota born and bred, and having made her way eventually to the mid-Atlantic states by way of Massachusetts and Mississippi, Elizabeth can revert to her upper Midwest dialect readily, as well as call upon her Scandinavian heritage for Swedish and Norwegian accents. She works out of her Studio Bricks home studio in Williamsburg, Virginia.


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