Elisabeth Lagelee

Audiobook Narrator Elisabeth Lagelee
French, US and German narration

I am a French American actor (dual-citizenship) with 55 audiobooks recorded from my San Francisco home studio - both in English and French. I grew up next to Notre Dame in Paris reading to my three siblings and tagging along to my father's historical tour guides. My business management studies took me to the French riviera, the Big Apple, a castle in Germany and a magical forest in Japan.

I performed for two years with the Alec Bartus Theater Company in Paris and joined the Leela Improv Co. in San Francisco. I coach with Gabra Zackman and am skilled with accents (French, RP, German, Polish...). Besides narration, I have lent my voice to a variety of VO projects. Recent clients include TED and Cisco.

I feel especially at home in the company of spirited young women, sarcastic witches and playful demons that inspire listeners to embrace the unfamiliar. When I am not recording, I enjoy spending time in nature or reading to my little one.


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