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Dena Kouremetis Audiobook Narrator
Mature yet tone-changeable, warm, engaging, entertaining with a wonderful talent for foreign accents.

With more than 19 years of writing experience, Dena Kouremetis is now a voice actor who uses words to inspire, entertain, and empower her clients and audiences. At, she showcases her demo samples, completed works, and works in production, offering her voice acting services for audiobook, documentary, and corporate video narrations.

Words are her life. She is also a copywriting coach at Business Class, where she holds online workshops for entrepreneurs to help them craft their branding pitches and taglines. She has contributed to Forbes and currently maintains a blog at Psychology Today. She is passionate about storytelling and voiceover, and aims to deliver high-quality and engaging content for diverse projects and purposes.

Grace kneels over her flower bed, preparing for spring planting by clearing out the debris of winter in her garden. The setting is post WWII. Grace's mind wanders as she thinks about John, her one true love. He is the husband of her neighbor, Anne, who is now gravely ill and near death. But Grace knows that when Anne passes, John will be gone. This reading is beautiful in its scene-setting use of words.
This witch has been left behind by her fellow witches to capture and convert a witchy candidate off the streets. She stands in a dark doorway watching as a car circles the block, its driver trying to decide whether to stop and investigate further. As she adjusts her leather pants, her impatience is in full array, and the cockney-accented "pixie" perched on her earring taunts her, telling her she looks more like a hooker than a witch on a mission.
This scene from "The Help" has Hilly Holbrook furiously driving up to the entrance of Skeeter's house, angry at having been embarrassed by the truth as it is revealed in Skeeter's book about the racial prejudices of the 1960s Deep South as seen through the eyes of poor Black women. Skeeter's very ill mother, who had to recognize her own prejudices before supporting her daughter's efforts with her first tell-all book, remains calmly cool as she assesses the way Hilly appears as Hilly readies herself to spew her hateful threats at Skeeter. The character voices are Mrs. Phelan, Hilly, and Skeeter in the first person, describing the scene.


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