Deborah Kosnett

Female alto voice with great flexibility. Authoritative to sultry to comedic to compassionate. Theatre degree; focus on character development. General US; Southern accents. Literary, sci fi, paranormal, thrillers.

I'm a voice actor and audiobook narrator with a mature, sophisticated voice. As an alto, I can voice young women through senior gals . . . and I have numerous alter egos suitable for both VO and narration: glamour girl, society matron, red hot mama, filthy rich heiress, spoiled celebrity, seasoned cosmopolitan, purveyor of the sleek and luxurious. But I can also be the caring mom, next-door neighbor, everybody's cool aunt, a fragile soul, a determined heroine, and more.

As an actor with a theatre degree, my focus is on both storytelling and character development.

I tend to focus on literary, sci fi, paranormal, and thrillers. I will do light romances, and the occasional horror novel, if it's well-written.

At the moment (January 2024), I have 8 finished audiobooks and 2 in production. I will free up at the end of February 2024, to take on more audiobook projects - so please, hit me up with your tantalizing scripts!

'Long Division' by Sara Frazer. Contermporary literary fiction. First person monologue (Chapter 4 excerpt). Standard American and other regional accents.
'Where the Fireflies Dream' by Emily Nelson. Contemporary literary fiction. Female, 1st person narrative. Southern American accent.
'I Loved Her Enough' by Diane Lane. Contemporary literary fiction. Female, multiple characters, child. Standard American accent.
'Analyzing the Prescotts' by Dawn Reno Langley. Contemporary literary fiction. Multiple characters, psychological suspense. Standard American accent.
'A Charmed City' by J.E. Cammon. Paranormal, gritty, noir, vampires, murder. Standard American accent.


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