Dawn Harvey

Dawn Harvey Audiobook Narrator
Warm, witty and wise woman inhabited by characters with accents from around the world!

A multi-award winning audiobook narrtor, my voice has been described as rich, warm, smooth, soothing, authoritative, calming, sultry, confident and comforting. I am very well suited to audiobook narration with a solid acting background on stage and screen as well as in voiceover. An education junkie, I have studied theatre, psychology and business at post-secondary institutions and hold both Bachelor and Master of Law degrees. As a result, I have a deep understanding of people and possess a superior grasp of the English language, which enables me to voice even complicated text in a fluid, easy-to-understand manner.

Conversely, I am also fluent in "over-the-top crazy" with acting and improvisation experience spanning over - well, more years than a lady cares to mention! Please have a listen to my Character demo and you'll get the picture.

I enjoy narrating both fiction and non-fiction titles with my favorite genres being:
- NF: Psychology, Sociology, Social Justice, Crime, Law, History
- F: Literary Fiction, Thrillers, Horror, Woman's Fiction, Sci-Fi


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