Darryl Akens

Deep,Natural, Dramatic, Empowering, Authority, Genuine, Real, Storyteller, Conversational, Trustworthy, Sophisticated, Sincere

I have always been fascinated with imitating voices since the early age of 3 years old, especially deep voices. As I grew older I started imitated the likes of John Facenda, the narrator for NFL films; Eddie Barth, the voice over for Lite Beer from Miller commercials as well as James Earl Jones and Paul Robeson. My natural deep baritone voice can be soothing to listen to where I can imitate the voice of Morgan Freeman or even Peter Cullen's voice for Optimus Prime. I have also been told that I sound like John Fontaine, the movie trailer Voice Over Artist and Christopher Judge, the Voice Over Artist from the video game "The God of War." But in a quick second I can change my voice from a baritone voice to a high-pitched voice to imitate cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse. I have narrated a Monster Jam Promo for the 2021 Series Championship.


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