Dana Morris

Dana Morris Audiobook Narrator
Ability to add depth and emotion to draw in listeners

With a passion for storytelling and a voice that captivates audiences, although new to the industry Dana's versatile voice can adapt to any genre or style. With a unique ability to add depth and emotion to every word, Dana's narrations leave a lasting impression, leaving listeners wanting for more. Accents include General American, Southern American, and English RP. Versatile voice range for your characters ages young to old, male and female. Her experience includes narration, in Romance, Fantasy/Sci-fi, Historical Fiction, and Romantasy genres.
When not working, Dana spends time with her family, her husband of 16 years and their 2 boys ages 10 and 13. They live on a small farm in Missouri. Dana also maintains a Master’s Degree in Nursing, but currently enjoys working from home bringing your works to life through audio, from her home studio.


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