D L Merlin

Experienced, low husky female voice. Also young female and many accents, great with dialogue.

✈️Prior USAF
👩🏻‍🏫20 year Computer&Spanish Teacher
👨🏻Wife of Ted (Sugar daddy)
👯Mom of 2 terrific women
👦🏻 👧🏻👧🏻Nana to 3 cute grands
🌱Member of FL Fed of Garden Clubs

Growing up poor gave D a strong work ethic & a will to do a good job. Patriotism led her to the AF where she traveled a lot. She met her sweetie a long time ago when they were stationed in Germany. Her job?. . . Jet mechanic!! Girls can be techie, too!

D has a BS in Business (University of Maryland) & Masters in Adult Education (University of Oklahoma). She moved from teaching High School (in Arizona and Florida) to telling stories in her low, trusting voice & has since brought many novels in English & Spanish to life! She's given life to video game and audio drama characters and narrated for Audio Description videos.

D lives #TheFloridaLife with her hubby & snoring Dachsie. When D’s not in her studio creating characters, you can find her in the garden puttering amongst the petunias.
Best Regards
~D L Merlin


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