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Award-winning narrator. Engaging storyteller. Facility with character voices and numerous accents/dialects. Fully equipped producer. Champion juggler.

*2021 Audiobook Adrenaline Awards GRAND WINNER
*2020 Independent Audiobook Award Finalist*
*2020 Winner, Best YA SciFi*
*2019 Hear Now Festival Mark Twain Narrator Scholarship Winner*

I am a professional actor (SAG-AFTRA/AEA), hailing from the Windy City (neutral American accent included) with almost 40 years of training and experience in multiple mediums. My stage work has garnered numerous awards, including Stage Ovation, StageRaw, LA Weekly and Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle. With a knack for multi-character tracks and distinct character creation, my narration ranges from straightforward storytelling to wide ranging character voices and accents. I absolutely love bringing books to life, embodying the characters and pulling the listener along as their personal storyteller.

I also have years of experience with audio recording, mixing and sound design, allowing me to work quickly and produce high-quality recordings from my professional studio.


ACTING: BA in Theatre, years of training, improv, sketch, drama, musical theatre, experimental theater, movement theater, film and television, commercials, director
SINGING (Bari-Tenor) : Musicals, rock, pop, choral, Christmas caroling, Barbershop INSTRUMENTS: Piano, Keyboards, Guitar, Percussion, Harmonica
DANCE: Breakdancing, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Modern, Ballroom
SPORTS: Golf, Tennis, Bowling, Billiards/Pool, Diving, Gymnastics, Snowboarding, Basketball, Ping Pong, Rollerblade VARIETY: Juggling (1987 Junior National Champion), Object Balancing, Fire-Eating, Magic, Unicycle, Tight rope, Clowning, Ballon animals, Costume character, Yo-yo, Diablo, Devil stick, Circus skills, Contact Juggling
GAMING: Dungeons & Dragons, 1st person shooters, classic arcade, Oculus VR
TECH: Computer tech (build my own), AV tech (audio/visual), some coding
DESIGN: Graphic designer, web design, logo design, audiobook cover design, poster art, Photoshop, photo retouching


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