Courtney Hecktus

Audiobook Production Services
Experienced all-rounder; reliable, professional and fun!

Courtney has been working in the voiceover industry for almost a decade! In that time she had attended many voice lessons and open mic sessions with some of the best agents and voices in the industry.

Her years of experience in acting and theater have helped her to hone her voice; they have taught her to take direction, utilize improvisation, and build emotion in all of her characters.

Courtney's first audiobook was Flat Earth by Brent Golembiewski, which can be heard on Audible. She voiced over ten female characters, ranging in age from young girls to senior women. Since then she has voiced many novels, requiring both male and female voices including children, witches, trolls, kings, senior men, and more.

Courtney works from her own studio with quality equipment, including a Scarlett Solo interface, Rode NT1A microphone, and Macbook Pro.

Her strong work ethic and professionalism might be just the thing your story needs today!


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