Cathy Crosman

Cathy Crosman Audiobook Narrator
A storied voice rooted in ageless kindness, general US accent.

Cathy is a life-long reader - seriously, her earliest memories are of books! - with a BA in English lit and creative writing and a love for sci-fi and fantasy (from magical worlds to urban fantasy to space opera to post apocalyptic (EMP, zombie or plague), and everything in between), mystery (police procedurals to cozies), contemporary literature, and so many other types of fiction she can't list them all. And with a second BA in Psychology, plus way more life experience than fits in any bio, the non-fiction self-help, support, issue-based and metaphysical arenas are all areas she narrates with authenticity and heart. Her coaching in narration and acting for audio has prepared her to bring stories to life, and with many careers in her past and avocations in her present, Cathy's real world experience lets her find a base of legitimacy for her narration. Okay, maybe not the zombie stories. But she's certainly read enough of them to qualify as an armchair expert!


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