Carlos González

Carlos González Audiobook Narrator
Versatile voice of warm tones, yet authoritative, or even wacky

Carlos, originally from Colombia, a citizen of the world now holding a German passport has a degree in communications and works as an interpreter and translator. He designed, constructed, and directed a multilingual multimedia studio with an Italian voice actress between 2000 and 2001. Since 2017, he has worked as a voice artist from his own studio, where he records mainly audiobooks, e-learning, and corporate videos.

He also has vocal training in opera. Officially, he speaks three languages, but has already recorded in three other languages. Ever since he was a child, he’s been recording his voice, presented multiple events, and was a thespian in various school productions. After that, he dedicated exclusively to singing, also as a soloist, which has taken him to innumerable theaters and churches around the world.

Carlos was nominated for the Vox23 Awards in the "Best Human Performance in Animation" category.

Historias de Tunja, by Antonio Gómez (frag.), history and autobiography in Standard Latin American Spanish
La Linea, by Ann Jaramillo (frag.), fictional autobiography in General American English
Das Märchen, by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (frag.), fairy tale in accented German
Dear America, by Jose Antonio Vargas, autobiography in General American English


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