Audrey J Williams

Grounded. Friendly. Relatable. With a splash of Southern.

I call myself a "techy-feely" kinda human as I love using both sides of my brain. And, with I grew up with a storytelling family so I love to tell a good yarn and listen to one!
Throughout my career, I had adhered to the phrase "dulces et utiles" (to teach while delighting) and I enjoy both technical and emotion-led topics and experiences and often bring both aspects into whatever I do. I guess that’s why it initially took me to a career in science education. Over the years, I have produced science museum exhibits, classes and demonstrations, created short television spots teaching science, trained college faculty on creating online classes, and led an educational and multimedia technology department.

Now, I look forward to working with you on your project to see how I can use my voice to delight, teach and tell a good story!

Female lower range voice, nonfiction, instructional/reference
Female Characters, US General and US Southern accents, cozy mystery, action scene
Female, lower range, memoir, emotion
Female, calm, kids meditation


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