Anna Crowe

Powerful and emotive, with a velvet touch.

AUDIOFILE MAGAZINE has praised both my fiction and nonfiction narration in recent reviews, saying my fiction characters are "outstandingly portrayed" and my nonfiction narration is "fluid ... with dramatic high points (that) stand out".

I am the warm female voice of authority: I can be polished, engaging, believable. The "not-my-first-rodeo" neighbor or the trustworthy source of important guidance. I am the storyteller who guides listeners to an author's passion and imagination, delivering fiction characters that are vivid and authentic. I have narrated almost 100 fiction and nonfiction audiobooks from my professional-grade studio. I infuse warmth and meaning into narration that connects, instructs and entertains.

I also wrote and produced TV advertising and marketing for 30 years. Understanding audiences and how to connect with them is at the core of my experience. I also take very good care of my clients and their projects. As a business owner, I know that meeting deadlines, expectations and budgets are as vital as creative success.


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