Andrew Goulding

Andrew Goulding Audiobook Narrator
Enthusiastic storyteller of fantasy, fiction and drama. Australian-British accent.

Veteran Game Developer and new Voice Actor. Have been on the casting and direction side for a while, and have been taking more opportunities to Voice roles on indie game projects. Understand the need for clean consistent delivery and very comfortable with software needed for easy delivery. I do this because it's fun, and I like working with the hardware and software to get great recordings.

- Australian (Native - General, Broad and Cultivated)
- British (General, lived in England for 1 year)
- North American (Lived on the West Coast for 4 years, WA, CA)
Note: Grew up with Scottish and Indian Grandparents, so can give them a go.

Experience, training, and equipment:
Sound dampened room. Blue Yeti Nano.
Clean up in Audacity and izotope.
20 years experience as a game developer. Very experienced with tech, and narrative design.
Cast and directed voice actors for games, and mastered final audio.

Characters in released and working indie games, and prototypes. 20 - 400 lines.
Voice coaching lessons focusing on breath control, projection and consistent delivery.

Samples in refined and general Australian, followed by some British-leaning character work.
Narration for fantasy romance novel. British/Australian narration and character voices. Male and female characters.
Narration for audio drama. Playing all parts, even those I'm not good at! Australian, British, American. Adult Male, Adult Female.
Space Documentary for YouTube. Refined Australian.
True Crime Documentary for YouTube. Intimate General Australian.
Videogame Character Sample. Australian - Refined to Broad. British. American. Young-adult male to senior male.


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