André Santana

Audiobook Narrator André Santana
On a journey to tell great stories!

André Santana is a NYC-based audiobook narrator and plastic plant connoisseur on a journey to tell great stories. He's a Black, Latine, and non-binary voice actor drawing from his background in spoken word poetry, improv, and public speaking to deliver intentional and human performances. Outside of the booth, André is an avid writer, Polaroid photography enthusiast, and a prolific Google Maps reviewer. As a passionate reader, he holds a particular love for 1st-Person and YA novels. However, he finds wonderful stories everywhere and uses his warm, emotionally dynamic voice in titles across Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Literary Fiction, and more. With a keen sense for character creation and a genuine love for the work he narrates, André is an inevitable fan of every book he records and shares that excitement through his performances.


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