FAQs – Using NarratorList

NarratorList.com makes producing audiobooks easier. It provides a way for authors and narrators (and other rights’ holders and audiobook production personnel) to find each other, so that together they can produce audiobooks. It also contains information to demystify the process of audiobook production for those new to the industry.

As an author or rights holder, you do NOT need to register to use NarratorList.com. You can search and filter narrators and production personnel, make contact with narrators and production personnel, and advertise audiobook auditions all WITHOUT registering or joining NarratorList.com. Registering (or ‘joining’) NarratorList.com is only required for those who want to make a profile page (so any narrators, editors, sound engineers, proofers, etc who want to advertise their services at NarratorList.com) and those narrators who want to download audition scripts from audiobook audition notices.

The Narrator page contains a searchable list of narrators.

  • Clicking on a narrator will take you to their individual profile page, containing audio samples and info on their skills and experience, including languages and accents spoken, genres they narrate, the pricing structures they work under, and a portfolio of audiobooks they’ve narrated.
  • Clicking on any links (in green) will take you to a subset of narrators with that skill, language or accent.
  • Language fluency and Accent proficiencies are graded by a 5-point star-rating system so you can find narrators with the right combination of abilities for your needs.
  • Each narrator’s profile page has a Contact this Narrator form where you can fill in your name, email and submit a message which will be sent immediately by email to that narrator.
  • Clicking on the blue ‘Contact’ button on a narrator’s profile page will scroll to the Contact form for that narrator.
  • When you message a narrator, you will receive an automated email for your records so you know which narrators you’ve made contact with, and what you’ve told them.

The Production page contains a searchable list of non-narrator audiobook professionals, including audio editors/engineers, proofers, researchers, mastering services, foreign language translation services, cover designers, publishing houses, etc. You can search by language, profession or skill set, and clicking on a single item will take you to that person’s profile page, where you can learn more about what they have to offer. Each profile page contains a Contact form to email that audiobook production person or business. When you use the Contact form to message an audiobook production person or business, you will receive an automated email for your records, so you know who you’ve contacted and what you’ve told them.

The Auditions page lists audition notices where authors and publishers are currently accepting auditions from narrators for upcoming audiobook projects. In order to see and download the audition scripts, narrators need to be registered and logged in at NarratorList.com. Authors don’t need to register or log in to create an audition notice though. Simply head to the Add an Audition Notice page and fill in a form to add your audition notice. The audition notice will be live on the site within 48 hours.

The Add an Audition Notice page contains a form where any person can create an audiobook audition notice which will appear on the Auditions page within 48 hours of form submission. You do not need to register or be logged in to create an audition notice.

The About page describes NarratorList.com and what it can offer to people interested or involved in the audiobook industry.

The FAQs for Authors page is “All about Audiobook Production for Authors” and contains a LOT of detailed information for authors and rights’ holders interested in getting their work into audio.

The FAQs for Narrators page will (soon) contain “All about Audiobook Production for Narrators” containing detailed information for new narrators or those wanting information on the processes involved in audiobook production and the industry in general.

Narrators and anyone else working in audiobook production (individuals or organisations) can register to join NarratorList.com. Registration gives you access to login to your Dashboard where you can create Narrator or Production Profile/s to advertise your services. For Narrators, this includes audio samples, language and accent proficiencies, genres, gender, payment structures, experience, a photo and biography, plus covers of audiobooks you’ve produced, linking through to those audiobooks at Audible or Amazon. Your profile page will have a URL with your name in it, which is particularly useful for narrators or production personnel who don’t have their own website, since the profile page can be used as your online presence where you can send prospective clients to view your work, with an easy way to contact you via email at the bottom of the profile page. (So if you don’t have a website, use your NarratorList profile page URL in your email sign-offs and in place of a website address on platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn). Logged in users have access to a Dashboard where you can Add New Narrator or Production Profile/s, Edit your Profile/s, and Add Audiobook Covers to the Portfolio sections of your Profile/s.

Suggestions and feedback are welcome! Also please let me know if you have any issues with using the site. Contact me via the Contacts page or email me at info (at) narratorlist (dot) com.