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A Place Somewhere

A Place Somewhere

Blurb – How far would you go? Would you lie to protect the innocent? ALEX HART risked everything to be with her online girlfriend of two years and moved from Ireland to America. But the unthinkable happened and she is emotionally and financially ruined. Devastated, she turns her anger and betrayal into a mission to root out those who deceive the innocent online. When a mother pleads for Alex to protect her daughter from an online predator in Ireland, Alex must become what she hates. How far will she go before losing herself in her own web of deception?

Editorial Reviews
FINALIST in awards voted on by Golden Crown Literary Society (GCLS) readers in the 2015 Ann Bannon Popular Choice Award and the Tee Corinne Cover Design Award.

Lesbian romantic intrigue set in Ireland and the US. Three main characters of which two are Irish and one is from the US. Throughout the book, two characters communicate by email and their dialogue is through email. Other characters include various ages and Irish and American. There is a song written for the book that was recorded by a musician mentioned in the novel and available on iTunes (A Place Somewhere by Sharon Murphy).

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Debbie and Alex
Email Correspondence – Brianna and Cynthia
Narrative action – Alex, Brianna, Maggie, and Sasha
Narrative action – Alex, Brianna, Laura, Maggie, and Sasha