African American

Mixed Bloodline

Mixed Bloodline is the author’s retelling of her father’s life growing up biracial in the South in 1930s, his struggle with his own identity and a family’s journey to seek inner and outer peace through their faith.

Seeking a female African American or biracial narrator to narrate this story with authenticity, a light southern accent is ideal but not required. $225 PFH Raw Punch and Roll. Post Production is not required and will be handled seprately.

Book contains depreciations of racial violence and injustice in the 1930s-1960s, and is replete with related themes. There is a strong Christian component to the book. Other trigger warnings include: book cover contains intentionally provocative image of a confederate flag.

Est. Word Count 30,000 (approx 3.5 finished hours)

Rate is $225 PFH Raw PNR.

Please send mono .mp3 auditions to