The Courage To Love: From Abuse to Happiness, a Healing Memoir

The Courage To Love: From Abuse to Happiness, a Healing Memoir

– You can read the book summary on the amazon page

– I’ve also started to do videos where I read the book, which would give you a good idea of intonation, warmth, interpretation. The video playlist is:

– I’ve included the first 3 chapters, you can do an audition with Chapter 1

– The book will be in French, I will read this one, and also in Spanish, for which I’ll do a separate audition

– I’m looking for an accent free, neither US Canadian or UK, the book is for world distribution, and a warm voice.

– Feel free to contact me through facebook messenger mentioning NarratorList


Glory Bishop

Glory Bishop

My books tell the story of Glory Bishop and her family. The novels were published in 2019 and 2021 as GLORY BISHOP and GLORY UNBOUND. The two-part story tells the coming-of-age of a Black Chicago teenager growing up in the 1980s. GLORY UNBOUND is a finalist for the CWA book of the year. My third novel, MARY NOT BROKEN, is the prequel to GLORY BISHOP and tells the story of Glory’s mother. MARY NOT BROKEN is published on Amazon’s Kindle Vella, one episode at a time, and is due out in paperback in 2023. I am looking for a narrator with the time and inclination to give voice to the entire series. On Findaway Voices and ACX the accent is described as American Urban. The stories have a lot of culturally specific dialect and references so I need a Black woman narrator.

All three stories are highly rated and I have had several requests for audio books. The publisher calls them Women’s Fiction, Historical Fiction, and Literary Fiction. There are trigger warnings for a little bit of all the bad things (sex, violence, language, assault, religion, etc.). Nothing too heavy but the first two books are consistently rated for adults, though some reviewers have shared the story with mature teens.

I checked an audio-book calculator and the books are approximately 11, 13, and 8 finished hours.

As an author, I am not a social media influencer. I spend all of my time writing. As for marketing, I mainly use Facebook and Amazon ads, but am willing to learn.

I’m new at this so I’m not sure of a reasonable budget.

Mistress Mackintosh & the Shaw Wretch

In 1725, a secret convent has been established on the Aberdeenshire coast.

Jory Mackintosh is more excited by healing herbs than husbands or holy prayers. She craves freedom—and a chance to sneak into medical school. Instead, on the eve of her escape, she becomes an unwilling pawn in her family’s schemes with a rival clan.

Finlay Shaw, the disgraced younger brother of the laird, has spent ten long years atoning for his past failures, but nothing can wash away the stain of fratricide. When the clans order him to escort Jory to her new life as a nun, thus securing an alliance with the freshly formed Black Watch, it’s his last chance for redemption. Too bad for Finn, Jory has no intention of following orders.

Trapped on the road together, often with only one bed between them, the two butt heads and match wits, forced to acknowledge the dark shadows that have haunted them both for years. Can they learn to trust each other, and themselves, to fly in the face of their families’ wishes, or will they choose the solitary futures they always believed they deserve in this unorthodox runaway bride story?
Dual POV, Medium heat level, references to past attempted sexual abuse. The paperback and ebook were released about 10 days ago and have been doing well, but I’d love to follow up with an audio soon. This is the first book in a series.

I’m looking for a female voice actor with a strong Scottish accent and a voice in the lower registers.

Various Titles – ongoing work

We are looking for audiobook narrators who can work with us on a long-term basis.
Our books range from Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal, Suspense, etc.
(Reminder: Books may contain some grammatical errors or pornographic content)

✔Use the pseudonym
✔Paid Work
✔Work From Home

We hope you:
1. Have experience in voice acting or audiobook narrating.
2. Be able to deliver edited, proofed and mastered audio files.
4. Language: English
About the audition, please record a demo of about 3-5 minutes from the script,If you have other audiobook demos, you can also send them to me.

If you are interested or for more info,please send me your demo via

Thanks for your time and hope your guys have a great day!

A Place Somewhere

A Place Somewhere

Blurb – How far would you go? Would you lie to protect the innocent? ALEX HART risked everything to be with her online girlfriend of two years and moved from Ireland to America. But the unthinkable happened and she is emotionally and financially ruined. Devastated, she turns her anger and betrayal into a mission to root out those who deceive the innocent online. When a mother pleads for Alex to protect her daughter from an online predator in Ireland, Alex must become what she hates. How far will she go before losing herself in her own web of deception?

Editorial Reviews
FINALIST in awards voted on by Golden Crown Literary Society (GCLS) readers in the 2015 Ann Bannon Popular Choice Award and the Tee Corinne Cover Design Award.

Lesbian romantic intrigue set in Ireland and the US. Three main characters of which two are Irish and one is from the US. Throughout the book, two characters communicate by email and their dialogue is through email. Other characters include various ages and Irish and American. There is a song written for the book that was recorded by a musician mentioned in the novel and available on iTunes (A Place Somewhere by Sharon Murphy).

Summary of attached sample:
Debbie and Alex
Email Correspondence – Brianna and Cynthia
Narrative action – Alex, Brianna, Maggie, and Sasha
Narrative action – Alex, Brianna, Laura, Maggie, and Sasha

Love Bites

Looking for narration on a sapphic (lesbian) contemporary romance. This is a romantic comedy and one of the main characters is a male dog. The dogs in the story talk to each other, but not the humans. Ideally would like to have a dual narration, but would be open to single female if the dog’s voice is done well.
There are a few sex scenes in the book.
Will be posting for sale on Audible once production is complete.

The Berserkers

The Berserkers

Accent: Euro-neutral, Scandinavian, or educated British (not pompous)
Model narrator: Simon Prebble, Undermajordomo Minor by Patrick DeWitt –

SYNOPSIS: When a beautiful woman is found stabbed and frozen in the ice of Lake Munch, dressed only in the costume wings and tight corset of a Norse Valkyrie, the small and underfunded police department of Fulaflugahål is under pressure to find her killer. Grammaticus Kolbitter, precinct records clerk by day and electronic keyboardist in the Viking heavy-metal band, The Berserkers, by night, is unwillingly pulled into the investigation. What does a records clerk know about solving crime, much less, bringing murderers to justice? As Grammaticus embarks on the adventure of a lifetime, picking up magical friends and spiritual guides along the way, he soon learns he knows more than he thought. A rollicking ride filled with dark humor, wit, and plenty of Viking heavy-metal riffs, this Nordic mystery will keep you laughing, and thinking, all the way to the final mosh pit.

Successful Business Networking Online: Build your Business using Powerful Online Connections

Successful Business Networking Online: Build your Business using Powerful Online Connections

Title: Successful Business Networking Online: Build your Business using Powerful Online Connections
Genre: Non-Fiction: Business; Leadership; Sales & Marketing
Approx Word Count: 57,710

Audition Due Date: 10th March 6pm
Project Deadline: End of April (to be confirmed)
Vocal Requirements: Female – Enthusiastic, engaging, inspiring British voice, adult (30s onwards)

Terms: $150PFH for raw, clean punch and roll

To Audition: Please record (and edit/master) the attached script and send as an .mp3 file. Please label your files FirstnameLastname_SBNO.

You are the Light: Seven Powerful Ways to Illuminate the Darkness Within

You are the Light: Seven Powerful Ways to Illuminate the Darkness Within

Rate PFH: $225 (Non-Union)

Seeking a female narrator with a conversational, educated, caring sound for You are the Light: Seven Powerful Ways to Illuminate the Darkness Within

This is the author’s second book (following You are the Key) which has already been made into audio, and we are seeking a new narrator due to scheduling conflicts. It is the author’s intention that the narrator selected for this project will ideally narrate book 3 in the series as well. Book 3 is scheduled for release in late 2022/early 2023.

Accent/Voice Notes:
The author is originally from Singapore and educated in Europe. Her book and associated practice works with mid-level corporate executives, predominantly but not exclusively female, going through career and life transitions. These individuals come from around the world but are predominantly from Europe and Asia.

A general American accent is fine for this book (and would be consistent with the forthcoming audiobook for the first book in the series), but the author is also open to “soft” international accents as well.