Married to the Mahr

This is a spicy monster romance with some mild kink. It’s the first of a series of standalone novellas. My tiktok audience@authordelilahdare has been begging for an audiobook, but I have no idea how to go about it. I need a male voice that can be husky, growly, and possessive. And a female voice for the fmc chapters. Triggers include somewhat descript nightmares, mention of family members with alcohol addiction, mention of prior depression and childhood trauma.

The Daniel Fast 21 Day Food and Faith Journal

The book is about a topic that has a large surge in interest from December to February across the world. It’s based on Daniel 10:2-3 from the Bible and a 21 day change in eating habits. The book has sold 4100 copies since December 2020. This book is part of a series that includes a cookbook that I may want to also get narrated as well. Instead of chapters, there are days since this is a devotional. The book is written by Chef Ashley Shep, a mealtime strategist with books, facebook groups, and other programs and will lead to the book. I want to have files that are ready to upload to publish to multiple platforms.

Just a Bit Wrecked

Just a Bit Wrecked

Andrew Reyes is handsome, rich, and very straight—he’s married to a gorgeous woman. Outspoken about his distaste for gay people, he isn’t shy about his opinion as he watches the gay couple he and his wife share a flight with.

Logan McCall is handsome, rich, and openly gay. He isn’t impressed with the bigoted jerk across the aisle, no matter how easy on the eyes he is.

To their shock and horror, they’re the only survivors when the plane crashes—stranded on a desert island with no hope of rescue, and no one but each other to depend on for survival.

As the days turn into months, can disdain, antipathy, and a craving they don’t understand and can’t resist turn into a connection? Or something more?

This is a steamy MM romance with multiple gay sex scenes. It’s part of a popular book series, but it can be read as a standalone. If I like your work, I might hire you to narrate the other books in the series too. I’m looking for a narrator who can do different voices and emotions well. I don’t really do a lot of marketing, but this series doesn’t really need it. Each book of this series was #1 in Gay Romance, and this particular book was in Amazon’s Top 100.

Charlie’s Will

Charlie’s Will

Charlie’s Will is the first in a series of seven books (so far) – 3 x books (67 – 83k), 3 novellas (30 – 36k) and 1 prequel (12k). I’m keen to fet the prequel and book one done first, but want to create audiobooks for the whole series, including the new ones due out in 2024.

The series is set in the small town of Barrington, NSW about 3 hrs from Sydney and each book has new main characters but the characters from previous books make an appearance. The heat level is mild. The main character, Rose (27), grew up at Barrington Homestead but she’s lived in Sydney for several years. Her accent is reasonably cultivated, but she’s a country girl at heart.

I’m a ‘wide’ author and want to sell my audiobooks via my website as well as via aggregators. I’d prefer to pay ‘upfront’ – but also exploring royalty share. All books in the series have been Amazon number 1 in their genre in Australia and USA and all are rated 4.5 stars+ on Amazon and Goodreads.

My readers are mainly women, over 35.

Falling Fast

Falling Fast

The setting is in San Jose at the end of 2011. The lead character, Olivia, is 22, and the book is written for those of similar age, or in their 30s with memories of the past. There are a couple of erotic scenes depicting sexual intimacy. Both Adrian and Olivia share a past of childhood sexual abuse that is mentioned throughout the book.

I am seeking a narrator who can read from the perspective of Olivia, with the ability to read two male characters’ voices in an English accent.

Jane Eyre

This is a collaborative royalty share project produced by Voices of Today. The narration will be by a team of seven narrators.

We are seeking a narrator to voice the role of Jane.

The sucessfull reader will received 60% of the net royalty.

The title will be published by Blackstone Audio, and will be distributed to a wide variety of online resellers, including Audible and Kobo.

Glory Bishop

Glory Bishop

Trigger warnings: Religion, Profanity, Sex, Abuse, and Violence
Book one of three (NEED NARRATION FOR BOOKS 1 AND 2, ideally before October)
40+ Characters – 10 with major roles
Vocal samples available for reference
Glory Bishop (and its sequel) are set in Chicago in the mid 1980s.
Findaway Voices for distribution to all audiobook outlets

The Blood That Binds Us

The Blood That Binds Us

This is a dark fantasy romance that I am looking to have duet narrated. At this time, I am only looking for a male narrator to voice the male dialogue lines as I already have been in contact with female narrators. (About 14k words belong to male dialogue.) The male lead is a broody, alpha-hole type character, and their voice is described as deep, low, masculine, graveled, raspy, etc. Think lots of growling dialogue tags, and others in that vein.
This is a second-world fantasy with a strong enemies-to-lovers thread, and the romance leans into the darker side of romance. There are also a few explicit on-page sex scenes that are quite graphic, and one does contain blood and knife play.
The only accent needed is standard American. I am looking to pay PFH, and punch and roll should be fine as I will likely being using the female narrator’s audio engineer.
The Blood That Binds Us released in May, 2023, and snagged the #22 spot on Barnes & Noble’s bestseller list during its pre-order campaign. I am very active on my author socials (Tiktok and Instagram @erinmainordauthor) and market my books very heavily there through my own content creation, and the use of book tours, PR, etc.

The Courage To Love: From Abuse to Happiness, a Healing Memoir

The Courage To Love: From Abuse to Happiness, a Healing Memoir

– You can read the book summary on the amazon page

– I’ve also started to do videos where I read the book, which would give you a good idea of intonation, warmth, interpretation. The video playlist is:

– I’ve included the first 3 chapters, you can do an audition with Chapter 1

– The book will be in French, I will read this one, and also in Spanish, for which I’ll do a separate audition

– I’m looking for an accent free, neither US Canadian or UK, the book is for world distribution, and a warm voice.

– Feel free to contact me through facebook messenger mentioning NarratorList


Glory Bishop

Glory Bishop

My books tell the story of Glory Bishop and her family. The novels were published in 2019 and 2021 as GLORY BISHOP and GLORY UNBOUND. The two-part story tells the coming-of-age of a Black Chicago teenager growing up in the 1980s. GLORY UNBOUND is a finalist for the CWA book of the year. My third novel, MARY NOT BROKEN, is the prequel to GLORY BISHOP and tells the story of Glory’s mother. MARY NOT BROKEN is published on Amazon’s Kindle Vella, one episode at a time, and is due out in paperback in 2023. I am looking for a narrator with the time and inclination to give voice to the entire series. On Findaway Voices and ACX the accent is described as American Urban. The stories have a lot of culturally specific dialect and references so I need a Black woman narrator.

All three stories are highly rated and I have had several requests for audio books. The publisher calls them Women’s Fiction, Historical Fiction, and Literary Fiction. There are trigger warnings for a little bit of all the bad things (sex, violence, language, assault, religion, etc.). Nothing too heavy but the first two books are consistently rated for adults, though some reviewers have shared the story with mature teens.

I checked an audio-book calculator and the books are approximately 11, 13, and 8 finished hours.

As an author, I am not a social media influencer. I spend all of my time writing. As for marketing, I mainly use Facebook and Amazon ads, but am willing to learn.

I’m new at this so I’m not sure of a reasonable budget.