Add Narrator Covers

Use this form to add audiobook covers to the Portfolio section of your live Narrator profiles. (To add images to your Production Profile, go to Add Audiobook Covers – Production)

For each cover, you will need to:
– Select a Narrator Profile name.
– Upload a jpg of the Cover Image.
– Paste in a link to the audiobook online, so your cover is clickable through to a retailer.

When you click “Submit”, the form will reset so you can add another cover. Your covers should be on your profile within 48 hours.

For images of audiobook covers: Download the cover from the audiobook’s Audible or Amazon page, by right-clicking on the image at Amazon/Audible, choose ‘save as’ to save it to your computer, ready to upload it here.
For the link to the audiobook online: We suggest using Audible US, because it shows your narrator reviews. If there is a question mark in your link, then the link ends just before the first question mark. For links to Amazon/Audible, this means each link should END with a series of 10 characters usually beginning with ‘B’, for example, B08WCJG95S. Anything after these 10 digits is NOT part of the link and should not be included. (See this article for more info.) If you’re not sure your link is correctly shortened, paste it into a web browser and see if it leads to the page you intend.

Once you have finished adding covers, click ‘Go to Dashboard’. Your new covers should be added to your profile within 48 hours.