Charlie’s Will

Charlie’s Will

Charlie’s Will is the first in a series of seven books (so far) – 3 x books (67 – 83k), 3 novellas (30 – 36k) and 1 prequel (12k). I’m keen to fet the prequel and book one done first, but want to create audiobooks for the whole series, including the new ones due out in 2024.

The series is set in the small town of Barrington, NSW about 3 hrs from Sydney and each book has new main characters but the characters from previous books make an appearance. The heat level is mild. The main character, Rose (27), grew up at Barrington Homestead but she’s lived in Sydney for several years. Her accent is reasonably cultivated, but she’s a country girl at heart.

I’m a ‘wide’ author and want to sell my audiobooks via my website as well as via aggregators. I’d prefer to pay ‘upfront’ – but also exploring royalty share. All books in the series have been Amazon number 1 in their genre in Australia and USA and all are rated 4.5 stars+ on Amazon and Goodreads.

My readers are mainly women, over 35.